Victorian Furniture Reproduction

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The Victoria era (1837 – 1901) brought us a style of furniture which was highly decorative and account for. Their fabricate ideas were not original but were stolen from the periods where excess was commonplace. Eras such as Baroque and Rococo, with their intricate work and romantic undertones, were visible in their styling, as were the bolder ideas from the Gothic period. Victorian furniture reproduction incorporates all these aspects with the added benefits of the practicalities of unusual accomplish.

worthy of their furniture was very formal. Their dining rooms included straight befriend chairs and highly polished tables where the family would eat their meals. Discipline was paramount, especially at meal times and this is apparent in their choice of furniture in the dining rooms. The wood for the furniture would be polished on a regular basis and this would be a constant chore for the staff. Many of the households would consume upstairs and downstairs staff and a lot of their time would be spent in the upkeep of the flamboyant solid wood furniture. original Victorian furniture reproduction has brought with it all the pretty elegant aspects of this era but with the advent of original finishes mighty of the hard work has been replaced by a speedily spray of proprietary wood polish or sometimes even fair a wipe with a damp cloth. Read the rest of this entry »