Ultrasound Therapy Machines – Do These Machines Truly Function

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Ultrasound therapy machines are being used by physical therapists, trainers, and chiropractors to help treat muscle pain, joint pain, and arthritis pain. Many people believe that this form of therapy not just helps alleviate pain but speeds up the procedure of healing. So how does ultrasound therapy work?

High frequency sound waves are applied to stimulate blood flow and cell growth within the injured or painful areas of the body. The vibration caused by the ultrasound machine supposedly will heat the treated area. The heated region in turn will draw much more blood to the area. The much more blood that flows to the region the far more nutrients are delivered. The thought ultimately is to increase the blood flow so that more nutrients are delivered to cell tissues.

Typical applications last only 15 minutes and could be administered everyday. From time to time an anti inflammatory gel or cream is added to the treatment. The therapist will use a tiny circular motion with the hand held machine.

You can find certain areas that must be avoided when using ultrasound therapy machines. By no means use the machines near testicles, ovaries, face or spine. Also, usually do not use this type of therapy on infected areas.These days you’ll be able to obtain ultrasound therapy machines for home use. These machines typically price several hundred dollars. Before making use of this kind of machine you ought to consult your doctor.

Before buying a machine make certain you do your homework and get from a reputable organization.Presently there is an excellent deal of ongoing study to see if this kind of therapy really works. Only time will tell. I know for me it seemed to help my muscle injury.

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