Autism Recovery Making use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Our Expertise Part 3 – A Surprise for Mom

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This is the third in a series of articles which chronicles our family’s experience with making use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to treat symptoms related to Autism in two of our daughters, Danielle (age 10) and Sophia (age 8). In January of 2011 the day arrived for Sophia’s 1st time in “the tank” as Danielle calls it. After having 2 HBOT sessions, Danielle was now a veteran with two sessions already under her belt, but she still acted grumpy in regards to the entire issue all the way up to Grass Valley. Sophia was going to have no choice within the matter this time, and I was going within the tank myself to ensure that she was at ease as much as doable. My father accompanied us and had all of Sophia’s Polly-Pockets gathered together and ready to go along for the ride, but Sophia refused to take them since, “they could be too scared!” So Danielle had her Nintendo DSi, I had my mini-cam and iPad, and Sophia would need to be content with no toys.

We arrived at the Grass Valley Wellness Center and I was really pleased to meet Cherie, the manager. We have recognized the founders for years, but I had not yet personally met Cherie prior to. We walked back to the HBOT room and were greeted by the “portable” tank. Cherie explained the communication process to me before I got inside. There are little windows in the top and at every end. She seals you up inside and can then communicate with you via the windows using hand signals. Thumbs up signifies, “My ears are performing fine.” Thumbs down means, “My ears aren’t doing nicely.” When the hour is up she signals you too. When she explained it to me I wondered why I would need to have her to give me a signal at the end of the session.

My dad had already prepared the little bed inside by wrapping it with the sheet we had brought from residence. We had pillows at each and every end and one blanket for all of us to share. One person at a time can wear the oxygen mask and to be able to keep away from freaking Sophia out we had Danielle wear it. That way Sophia could just get an understanding of the entire process this first time around. My job was to create sure she didn’t feel scared. Danielle wasn’t incredibly happy about being back, but willingly got herself settled in devoid of a single protest. At 1st, she seemed intent on going to sleep and was quite unsociable toward me and Sophia, not allowing me to take pictures of her at that point. Sophia and I were just obtaining acclimated to the environment. It was a relief to discover the “descent” was not as dramatic as I had anticipated. I’ve by no means enjoyed pressure in my ears under even 6 feet of water, plus I had a tiny bit of a sinus ache that morning and was praying it wouldn’t turn into grave discomfort. It didn’t. There were about 3-4 seconds where I felt a tad anxious about being inside of that thing, but it quickly subsided and Sophia and I both began to relax.

Within the 1st 15 minutes Danielle exuded an overall sense of well-being. She cheered proper up and began to joke with us and play games. I could visibly see the change come over her. I think that’s why she doesn’t protest when it’s time to get into the machine. She knows this treatment makes her feel much better.

I began to wonder if Sophia would get any physical benefit out of this encounter with out wearing the oxygen mask. At the half-way point I decided to create Sophia wear it for the remainder of the session. She complained the entire time, but not simply because it was uncomfortable. She just wouldn’t let it go. Within the same way that my little sister wouldn’t let something go that had happened various hours prior to (when we were young). I like that Sophia reminds me of my sister often. My sister is one of the men and women I admire most in the world, so it makes me smile when I see similarities to her in any of my daughters. This particular trait works definitely well for my sister and all the folks she loves due to the fact she is so tenacious when she goes after something. You would like her praying for you!

Remember when I stated prior to how I couldn’t figure out why I would need to have Cherie to let me know when the session was over? Well, I discovered out why that was essential proper right after she gave me the signal. Wow – you come back “up” much more rapidly than you descend, so you type of have to be prepared for it. It was actually type of funny. Danielle was coaching Sophia, reminding her to yawn.

You know, Sophia has usually been slightly bit additional uncomplicated going than Danielle for the most aspect. But lately she has raised loud and whiny complaints when her sisters try and play Polly-Pockets with her. After the session, nonetheless, she and her younger sister played together for a very lengthy time with out a single argument. I’ll kept watching over the next couple of days to see if this was a coincidence or a seemingly actual result of the HBOT. It’s been over a week and I still don’t recall her protesting when her little sister wants to play with her Polly Pockets. On the contrary, they have happily played together very generally.

Danielle’s disposition was, once more, much more agreeable right after the session. Like I stated earlier I noticed a definite change in her inside that tank. And it wasn’t just a change in behavior. You know your own kid. You know their energy, their demeanor, their nature. That’s where I saw the change. Another notable issue happened that night that is certainly so rare I could not keep in mind the last time it had occurred up to that point. Danielle and I shared an enjoyable conversation with a meaningful exchange. There was no confusion, no frustration, no agenda. She was making her lunch downstairs and it was somewhat dark because everyone else within the home had gone to their bedrooms for the night. I went down to get a cup of water and here’s how it went down…

Danielle: “Why did you get such a massive cup?”

Me: “Because I’m really thirsty!”

Danielle: “You could use a smaller cup when you want.” (in a pleasant, sing-songy voice) “Mom, did you go to Justice to look at the silly-bands?”

Me: “No.” “How come? You don’t like to wear silly bands?”

Me: “Well, they’re for children.” (I decided to stick around…what a window of opportunity…she was interested in conversing! Dare I ask her a question?) “Danielle, what’s your favorite store?”

Danielle: “Uhh, Target. Mom, did you go to Justice when you were my age?”

Me: “No, there was no Justice when I was your age.”

Danielle: “They didn’t build it yet?” (I was amazed at this reasoning and at her capacity to convey the reasoning inside her head.)

Me: “No, they didn’t. We didn’t have the Roseville Galleria. Only Sunrise Mall.”

Danielle: “Oh… ” (With an embarrassed look and sweet little smile on her face as she diligently worked on packing her lunch) “Mom, what do we do now?”

Me: “Well, I like taking to you although you make your lunch.” (Additional embarrassed smiles from her.)

Danielle: “Mom, why don’t you go upstairs and let me finish creating my lunch? I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She came over and gave me a hug and a kiss. I walked back to my room with a happy heart. I’ll treasure this moment for the rest of my life. I’m believing and proclaiming that it was an remarkable commence toward a lot more frequent, meaningful conversations. She’s 10 and for the 1st time we talked back and forth about shopping. Not just a mom trying to pull conversation out of her daughter. But a daughter who was able to express her inward desire to much better know her mom. A daughter who was able to pose a meaningful question toward that discovery. A daughter who was not distracted by sensory or auditory processing frustrations in performing so. A daughter who is bravely spreading her wings. Watch out world! Thank you, Lord!

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