Victorian Furniture Reproduction

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The Victoria era (1837 – 1901) brought us a style of furniture which was highly decorative and account for. Their fabricate ideas were not original but were stolen from the periods where excess was commonplace. Eras such as Baroque and Rococo, with their intricate work and romantic undertones, were visible in their styling, as were the bolder ideas from the Gothic period. Victorian furniture reproduction incorporates all these aspects with the added benefits of the practicalities of unusual accomplish.

worthy of their furniture was very formal. Their dining rooms included straight befriend chairs and highly polished tables where the family would eat their meals. Discipline was paramount, especially at meal times and this is apparent in their choice of furniture in the dining rooms. The wood for the furniture would be polished on a regular basis and this would be a constant chore for the staff. Many of the households would consume upstairs and downstairs staff and a lot of their time would be spent in the upkeep of the flamboyant solid wood furniture. original Victorian furniture reproduction has brought with it all the pretty elegant aspects of this era but with the advent of original finishes mighty of the hard work has been replaced by a speedily spray of proprietary wood polish or sometimes even fair a wipe with a damp cloth.

It is now possible to furnish your entire house with pieces that will recreate the warmth and feel of a Victorian household. The library, or eye, featured highly in their homes as this would be where the man of the house spent grand of his time. After a meal, the men would retire to the library, or possibly the drawing room, where they would assume drinks and smoke. These would think a very masculine character with gloomy wood book shelves, desks and occasional tables. The popularity of Victorian furniture reproduction has now ensured that all these pieces can be bought at a very reasonable cost.

The furniture in the parlour, where the ladies would play cards and talk whilst their men folk indulged in smoking and drinking, would be mighty more feminine. For example the occasional tables would often have a single, lightweight pedestal as opposed to the heavyweight bases of the more masculine pieces. These contemplate the rococo period rather than the Gothic. These are very accepted pieces of Victorian furniture reproduction these days and can be easily sourced.

Victorian furniture reproduction relies heavily on veneers rather than solid wood. You will probably get that the wood from which the furniture is constructed is cheaper and sometimes softer wood. That is not to say that you cannot win furniture which is made to the same exacting standards as the originals. Such pieces are serene readily available, they are fair more costly. It may be that you do not wish to pay a vast sum for furniture which may well be replaced when you choose that you would like to change the style of the room.

Whichever choice you form, be it the expensive and well made pieces or the more economical yet effective furniture, you can be determined that Victorian furniture reproduction will enable you to beget your home with some classic designs which will be peer catching and catch you support to an era of shocking extravagance.

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