Too Very Much Drinking water Can Kill

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Prolonged distance runners and other endurance athletes have long been educated to believe that drinking lots of fluids while in a prolonged distance or endurance occasion was critical. And if you didn’t drink sufficient water, you ran the possibility of dehydration.

Researchers – studying 488 runners from the 2002 Bost Marathon found that the bigger danger is in drinking too much fluid (water or sports drinks) rather than not adequate. They discovered that 62 of the 488 runners, additional than one in eight, had a serious fluid and salt imbalance right after the occasion. And three of them were inside the danger zone.

Hyponatremia – a condition where by drinking as well very much h2o or other fluids to the point wherever the salt level in the body drops as well a lot – can develop during marathon races exactly where the runners drink constantly to stave off dehydration.

Runners who in fact gained bodyweight (anywhere from 4-11 pounds) during the occasion and extremely thin runners are most at danger. Runners who drink sports drinks with very little salt in them are least at possibility. The goal of drinking through a race is usually to replace water that’s lost, not to take in more than you might be losing.

A good method to discover how a great deal is appropriate for you is usually to fat your self prior to a heavy training session. Then drink and record how a lot liquid you consume while in the trainging. Then weight yourself again. Should you come across that you pounds more soon after the training than before, you need to cut down on your liquid intake. By performing this exercise, you’ll discover how much liquid you actually must injest through an event and be able to pace oneself accordingly.

Hyponatremia can begin with confusion and lethargy and can progress rapidly to additional severe symptoms. They can consist of twitching, siezures, stupor, coma and even death.

In recent years, hyponatremia has killed numerous amateur marathon runners as well as competitors from the Marine Corps Marathon.


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